Have you ever, in your life, looked in the mirror and thought to yourself... 
"I know I am meant for something greater," and just didn't know how to make it happen?


In a Matter of Seconds

A Story to Empower Yourself Into Love, Success and Manifestation




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Are you meant for something greater?


Have you ever, in your life, looked in the mirror and thought to yourself, "I know I am meant for something greater," and just didn't know how to make it happen?

You are not alone. How would you like to have a guide for inspiration, techniques and transformation that is as exciting as reading a novel?

Most people today describe me as a vibrant and powerful Healer, confident in her gifts and driven in her purpose to facilitate positive transformation and healing in the world.

It hasn't always been that way…

I once struggled, even after rising up from poverty, overcoming congenital spine problems, and deep-seated trauma to become a successful mainstream television dancer working with Diana Ross, Robbie Williams, Enrique Iglesias and many others. I still felt that I was dedicating my life to the wrong purpose and wasting my potential. Click now for the limited bonuses!

After a near death experience, my life turned upside down, resulting in a spontaneous Kundalini awakening in 1998. I literally had to learn how to navigate a new reality! And so I began my search as a devoted seeker.

Now I mentor and inspire individuals around the world helping them embrace their life purpose.

Gain inspiration, learn techniques and achieve certainty toward living the life of your dreams!



Who is Victoria Vives Khuong?


Victoria is a champion of truth and consciousness. Her diverse and colorful history gives her a unique perspective and keen ability to connect with people from all walks of life and also pierce the confounding veils of ambiguity and misdirection that are so frequently employed by the powers that be.

Raised in the ghettos of Spain, as a multi-ethnic child, by a single mother, Victoria grew from her experiences with poverty, racism, sexual abuse, congenital problems and social stigma only to achieve high levels of health as well as success in the entertainment industry. In the midst of a series of severe life trials culminating in a near death experience, a spontaneous kundalini awakening, and involvement with occult societies while exploring metaphysics, healing and martial arts, she left her old life in Spain to forge a new one in the United States.

With minimal English speaking skills, no money, and no support from her family, Victoria hustled her way off the streets of Hollywood with brute determination. Through a series of profound learning experiences she discovered her true calling as a herald of truth.

  • International Speaker/Teacher
  • REIKI and Karuna REIKI Master Teacher
  • Shaman Practitioner and Teacher
  • Martial Arts and Action Actress
  • ​Singer/Songwriter
  • ​Crystal Healing
  • ​Radio Host

What Do People Say About Victoria?


  My beautiful mentor and teacher, Victoria Vives, came at a time in my life when I knew the direction of my journey but needed guidance and support.

In her, I found the love, support and hope I needed to help myself heal and learn. Many times this woman wiped my tears, hugged me and told me it was all going to be okay. I love her for that and respect her divine guidance and teachings. I look forward to next year’s lessons in the Shamanic Mentorship!  


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Have you ever, in your life, looked in the mirror and thought... (read more)

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